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IS-033: Document & Handwriting Forensics Investigation

Learn to analyse Questioned Document such as signature verification, handwriting verification, and examination, the examination of forged computer-generated documents.

Role of Document Forensic Examiner

The job of a forensic document examiner is to determine the type of forgery and then write a scientific report that takes into consideration all of the factors that must be considered throughout the inspection.

What you'll learn...

Any moveable or immovable substance that has a written, printed, or drawn inscription is referred to as a document. A questioned document, on the other hand, is defined as any text or document whose validity or legitimacy has been questioned or is regarded as suspect. Students will learn about the documents and the categories into which they are classified in this course titled Questioned Document Examination.

On furthermore, the students will learn about the validity of document examinations and how to use them in case solving. Signature verification, handwriting verification, and examination, examination of inauthentic computer-generated documents, inspection of printed documents, and counterfeit cash are all examples of cases that fall under the Questioned Document area.

in short, the entire discipline of Questioned Document Examination is based on the ever-increasing forgery and foul play involving documents. Documents such as agreements, deeds, property papers, wills, checks, and stamps are all examined. The document examiner also looks for any additional illicit activity in the document, such as addition, deletion, insertion, or obliteration. A Forensic Document Examiner's major objective is to determine the type of forgery and then scientifically write a report that takes into consideration all of the factors that must be considered during the inspection.

Quick Highlights of the course:

  • Questioned Document Foresnics and Investigation
  • Handwritting Foresnics
  • Identification and Foresnics of Forged Signtures
  • Other Types of Questioned Document Forensics
  • Computer generated forged document forensics

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