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IS-044: Smart Contract Hacking & Security

Learn how to pentest & develop safe smart contracts.

What is the most elevated paid expertise within the Blockchain industry?

Security of Smart Contract.

As a smart contract security pro, you'll win up to 250k USD / year. Yes!. Hundreds of millions have been misplaced to smart contract hacks. If you'll be able type in secure smart contracts, it's worth a Part of money. And within the security specialty, smart contract reviews is what pays the most. Blockchain companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single keen contract review.

In a Smart Contract review, there are two components:

Finding security vulnerabilities

Presenting your discoveries in a report

The mentality to have is distinctive than for a engineer who attempt to type in a secure keen contract. As a smart contract evaluator, you put yourself within the shoes of a programmer and attempt to abuse security powerlessness, if any. In this preparing, you may learn from a proficient security master how to do keen contract audits. After this preparing, you may be able to do your possess keen contract reviews and charge best dollars for it!

What you'll learn...

The objective of this course is to get it how to create a smart contract within the most secure way possible. For this, we have to be be beyond any doubt not as it were what we need to make within the contract, but how to create security vetted code.

To achieve this reason, since the contracts in a expansive rate speak to genuine cash, we have to be be overhauled as developers on the foremost known vulnerabilities and know how ancient hacks worked so as not to rehash those same errors. This course not as it were centers on the foremost known vulnerabilities as of now but is additionally great practices, explanation of designs and issues of these, for case, clashes when utilizing upgradeable contracts or how to get arbitrary numbers inside a deterministic blockchain.

All this information will be valuable not as it were to create keen contracts but too to review them. Subsequently, it could be a center information of smart contracts.

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Do I get Certificate of Completion?

Yes, certificate is awarded post completing the project work and submitting the investigative research.

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For sure! You simply need to purchase coaching again and will be able to get access to another set of coaching sessions.

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