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When it comes to fighting cybercrime, Intelligence School (Founded in 2007) believes that knowledge is power. Intelligence School help LEA, Corporates, IT and security professionals grow their careers by providing skill development and certifications, as well as providing security awareness, OSINT and privacy training to all employees so they can stay secure online at work and at home. Intelligence School provide Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), SOCMINT, Tech, Security and Crypto Investigation Training Courses.

International Institute of Financial Intelligence

Cyber School

IS-111: (CHCHSA™) - Certified Hi-Tech Cyber HUMINT Strategic Analyst™

IS-055: (CDPOS) - Certified Data-Privacy Operational Expert™

IS-1210: (ACPI) – Accredited Certified Private Investigatorᵀᴹ

IS-4421: (CCSIBL™) - Certificate Course in Suspect Interrogation, interview technique and body language

IS-055: (CDPOS) - Certified Data-Privacy Operational Specialist™

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What learners are saying...

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The institute is by far amongst the best in operational and practical intelligence. 

— Classified

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Intelligence School Live training continues to prove to be a fantastic platform for delivering outstanding training to anyone, from anywhere in the world! 

— Student of IS-011

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Intelligence school courses provide you with practical expertise that you can use right now.

— Student of IS-270

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IS has designed courses by using the exercise based clearing approach where students are provided with the real life cases and are required to submit their research. It is assessed and if it meets the standard that you get a diploma or if you have to try harder. Worth every hour of training.

— Stev. B. (LEA)

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I really like what you guys do! Help you become a great detective, although I only had the LE background! Really cool!

— Mae I. (Elite F.)

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Incredible learning Experience. I rarely give out reviews but this truly deserves it. They cleared all my doubts with practicals on live scenarios. Keep up.

— Carl. K.

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One of the best online courses for people interested in cybersecurity, OSINT, Crypto Investigations, and other related topics. There's a ton of stuff covering a wide range of skillsets and classifications. For those just getting started, the ability to pay via subscription is well worth it because you'll have access to all information, including tools, writeups, and labs, which I found helpful as I was teaching myself everything from beginning. There's also a fantastic community that's both intelligent and helpful.

— Student of IS-022

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To be honest this review is purely based on my experience with Intelligence School. It was really good I learned a lot of new things in practice. I can now solve Hi-Tech cases.

— A. Jadhav

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IS course taught me to pick up new skills quickly and apply them in real-life problems. Today, my certificates makes me stand out from the peers.

— Jeff. L.

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Whereas I exceedingly prescribe this course for everybody who are around to work on their investigate prerequisites, I by and by found this course valuable past that organize in making a difference me recognize best hones to progress my claim work.

— Lovely S. (Ex-Millitary, Now PI)

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Personally I enjoyed it a parcel and found it valuable. It covers all the essential perspectives of the subject in a brief time.

— GR. Bell

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I have had no introduction to formal investigate and required to get it the method. Presently I can clearly and unquestionably say that I can perform great investigate and get formal data and information on any theme, as restricted to fair surfing the web for veritable information. Incredible course, well done to the teacher.

— Cmd. Reia


Founded in 2007, the skills platform that provides real life online training and certification that helps you move forward with the right skills and the right way! 

Intelligence School provide Instructor-led live Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) training sessions, available online or offline, demonstrates the fundamentals and advanced subjects of OSINT through engaging hands-on experience. Online live training and selective on-site live training are both available for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). An interactive, remote desktop is used to deliver online live training (also known as "remote live training"). Live Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) training can be delivered online in India or anywhere else in the world. Your Local Training Provider, Intelligence School. 

Prakash Prasad

Author is Cyber Crime Investigation Faculty, Cyber Forensic Analyst, OSINT SME and Blockchain Researcher.  He has authored eleven plus books on Cyber Law, Digital Currency, Bitcoin, Blockchain, DeFi Fraud, Fintech Law and Cyber Crime Awareness. He contributes to Magazines of International Repute. He is also a contributor to Collaborative Online Investigation Network (COIN). He has been awarded Man-of-Substance form ASCL. He had prepared TOR Handbook (Only available for Law Enforcement). Bitcoin Forensics, Ethereum Forensics, Dark Web, Innovative Tech, Banking, Privacy and FinTech are other areas of his interest.

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